Medical Malpractice

You’ve heard the stories. A medical device left inside after invasive surgery. Cancer goes undiagnosed. Negligence during child delivery causes a birth defect. Unfortunately, medical malpractice takes place on a daily basis, and when it happens to you or someone you care for, you need someone on your side. 

Our dedication
Our Dedication

Each medical malpractice attorney on our team is dedicated to providing quality legal services to anyone injured as a result of medical negligence. 

We understand that most people would prefer not to file a legal claim against their doctor or the hospital that treated them, but if your injuries are life altering—what alternative do you have?

The High Price of Medical Malpractice

Medical errors have become too commonplace an occurrence. In 2000, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report claiming that up to 98,000 Americans were dying in our hospitals each year as a result of medical errors. And unfortunately, these numbers have increased in recent years.

Medical malpractice is not only limited to physicians. Hospital errors and nursing staff’s failure to adhere to protocol come into play, too. The most common malpractice cases include:

  • Traumas caused at birth
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Improper diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose or treat cancer
  • Post-surgical infections caused by a surgical instrument left inside the patient
  • Surgical error, such as severing of a nerve or perforating a vital organ

What do you tell the parents of a child born with cerebral palsy resulting from a negligent birth injury? What do you tell someone who now has to undergo radical chemotherapy or extremely invasive surgical procedures to remove an undiagnosed late-stage cancer? What do you tell a patient who has undergone a surgical procedure and is left with a catastrophic injury or even death as a result of a surgical error? Who will bear the cost of the extraordinary medical expenses associated with the long-term care for this type of injury?

As experienced medical malpractice lawyers our team understand the physical, emotional and financial burden that medical errors can cause. These catastrophic consequences can last a lifetime. Contact a medical malpractice attorney today at 1-800-DERECHOS for a free consultation. You deserve to be compensated for your suffering.

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